Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Preoccupied with Preeclampsia

I went to the OB last week and while everything seems to be progressing OK with Baby B, they did find small amounts of protein in my urine after my 24 urine test (even though when I called the office right after the test the woman on the phone had said everything was fine - arg). My blood pressure was also a little bit higher than it normally is for me and although it’s still in a healthy range because I’ve always had low blood pressure, I was alarmed to see it go up. I’ve heard about Preeclampsia from Kerri, and am concerned what these clues might mean further down the road in the pregnancy. Things have been going SO well, and I’m feeling great, so I’m hoping to keep going like this until as close to the end as possible.

I think more than anything else, this news just reminded me that complications are possible and may even be likely because of the diabetes. This pregnancy has been so uneventful for the past few months, that I think I’ve been lulled into forgetting how complicated things can get. Luckily, as I near my third trimester this coming weekend, we don’t have much longer to go. This weekend we go to Florida for a wedding and then the next week we head to California for a week to see my in-laws. Then, my shower will be in early January and then we really hit the home stretch. I am praying everyday that Baby B is safe in there, and that we’ll both get through the next few months with relative ease.

I’m still battling my blood sugars everyday, which continue to creep up little by little, but with the help of my CDE, we’ve been able to keep them in check pretty well. It seems so crazy that in three short months, this whole pregnancy experience will be a thing of the past!


  1. I completely understand what you mean about being lulled into forgetting about complications. I have been reading diabetic mommy lately and it reminded me that those complications tend to creep up towards the end of the pregnancy. Hope your pregnancy continues to be uneventful and mine too! :) I have my next OB appt. on Friday!

  2. I also felt like I had it easy the first and second trimesters (no symptoms, great blood sugars/A1Cs) and maybe even started feeling confident that I'd be one of those that didn't have to worry. Then BAM! in the middle of my third trimester my sugars started looking like crap. I fix them and then they creep up again. I wake up each day not knowing what to expect. Luckily my A1Cs still look good (5.1!) but I know that the spikes are bad, even if I bring them down ASAP.

    BTW, thanks for the comment about my pics . . if you notice, my head is always lopped off because I really don't want to worry about my hair/face. Just want to show off the belly! I'm sure you look super cute too. Give the pics a try, even if you don't post them I know you'll be happy you have them for yourself to look back on. Plus it's a great motivator toward the end to see how far you've come!

    I'm praying for you that the protein and high blood pressures stay away, as that was/is a fear of mine also. Good luck and I can't believe your shower is so soon! How exciting!